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For Buyers

The Big Sky Country MLS makes it possible to see a full picture of what's on the market.

It's how homes are found.


Search the market

Those real estate search apps and websites that everyone uses? They rely on the Big Sky Country MLS, and the real estate brokers and agents that participate in it, to show you a full and up-to-date picture of homes for sale.

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Go deeper and get closer

When you find a home or homes you like, your agent will use the MLS to get you detailed information not available on public apps and websites and arrange showings.

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Know how much to offer

This is a BIG decision. Your agent will use the MLS to analyze up-to-the-minute information on comparable homes and recent sale prices in order to guide you.

Get In The Know®

Ready to start working with an agent, or already are? Make sure you – and your agent – are In The Know®. Here are some important points to understand at the onset of your buying journey.


If you're ON the market

The Multiple Listing Service is how your agent gets your home in front of every active buyer in the market.

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