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Instructions for Transferring Offices

When transferring offices, it is important to realize that your access to the BSC MLS is through your old office's Broker in Charge (BIC). Until you have completed the transfer process, you will not access the MLS under your new office. MLS access is given to you by your new BIC even if you are paid up with your MLS fees through your prior BIC.

Step 1 - Board of Realty Change Form or Copy of MT RE License

Brokers can update and Transfer agent's licenses directly through the Montana Department of Labor and Industries Website (For Free). OR of your Broker chooses, you may submit a Board of Realty Regulation change form to the BRR. Please MAKE A COPY. If your Broker chooses this method. We need this form before any changes can be made.

Step 2 - License

Obtain a copy of your new pocket card from the state (406-841-2325). This may come a week or so after you've sent in your change form, but we will move forward with your transfer as long as we've received the copy of the BRR change form (see Step 1).

Step 3 - Transfer Paperwork

Complete all the Member, Subscriber, and Listing Transfer Forms.

Step 4 - Submit

Return all documents to the address below:

Big Sky Country MLS

4020 Valley Commons Drive

Bozeman, MT 59718

Step 5 - Payment

There is a $100 transfer fee that must be paid BEFORE your transfer paperwork can be processed.

Payments MUST BE MADE to the Big Sky Country MLS (any checks made payable to GAR will be rejected)

If there are any past due balances or late fees on your account, they must also be paid in full before processing.

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