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Salespersons & Brokers Education Requrirements

Real Estate Education

Each active licensee is required to complete a minimum of 12 hours of continuing real estate education every licensing year.  The licensing year is from November 1 through October 31.

Supervising Broker

A supervising broker endorsement will be issued to any broker completing an 8-hour approved supervising broker pre-endorsement course.  Each licensing year, a supervising broker must complete 12 hours of continuing education. Four (4) of those hours must be education in the area of supervising broker continuing education.

Continuing Education Administrative Rules

The required hours shall be in real estate continuing education courses that are:

(a) approved by the Association of Real Estate License Law Officials' (ARELLO) Distance Education Certification, or a state real estate licensing regulatory agency or real estate commission; or

(b) endorsed by a national, state, or local Association of REALTORS®, or a national, state, or local real estate, landlords, or property management association.

The licensee must attend 90 percent of the first hour and 100 percent of each additional hour of the approved course time to receive credit.

No credit will be granted for carry-over hours from a prior licensing year.

The board may grant continuing education credit to board members for actively preparing and participating in board meetings. Credit will be limited to no more than three hours of credit per meeting.

Licensees who have completed continuing education that the licensee believes meets the topic requirements of the board may submit an individual application for course credit to be granted at the board's discretion. The individual course credit application and fee must be filed with the board office within 30 days after course completion to avoid a late fee.

Department of Labor
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